A Short History Of Moi

Early 70s


Even from my first day at school, you can
see the seeds of my charmingly neurotic
personality. Here began a lifetime of
overanalysing, second-guessing, and
missing what the teacher said because
I was thinking about lunch.

I have so many questions.
Who should I ask about my questions?

Late 70s

Just Like Audrey

In the greatest showbiz travesty since
Audrey Hepburn was overdubbed in My
Fair Lady, I was cast as Mary in the Nativity
play but required to MIME the lyrics of My
Soul Magnifies the Lord. I felt like a
biblical, less stripey Marcel Marceau.

Decades later my singing skills remain in
the category of cats screeching (and that’s
generous) but my lip-syncing is truly world
class. Just quietly, my liturgical dancing is
still on point too.

Will my artistic sensibility ever recover from this wound?



I could tell you about my career in the
corporate sector but soon we would both
be snoring softly.

(I was once tapped on the shoulder
during a microeconomics exam because
I’d fallen asleep. No, I hadn’t been up all
night studying, it was an exam about

So let’s get to the good part.

Do corporate misfits dream of screaming lambs?

(we survived!)

Psychology, Personality, Happiness

I left the high pay and low satisfaction
(for me) of corporate life to complete a
Bachelor of Psychology and a thesis on
personality and happiness. Fascinating!
I also became a qualified life coach and
did some post-grad studies in business
and professional writing. All of this
involved a lot of wine and chocolate,

With a title like that it’s a wonder my research didn’t
become a runaway Da Vinci Code-type bestseller



After facing the reality that I’m so not a
people person and therefore would not be
happy coaching or psychologising actual
human people, I turned to building online

I founded GetOrganizedWizard.com, which
became a popular site for decluttering and
personal organisation. More recently I
started LouderMinds.com, a website for
introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a
well planned way.

Maybe I should start a conjunctivitis blog with the
tagline ‘A site for sore eyes’. No? I’ll see myself out.


Hapto PigOgendosh

Now I write – sometimes here, sometimes

Sadly the ideas that excite me most tend to
appear on hot-pink sticky notes scribbled
at 3am in tragically indecipherable scrawl.
Hapto pig ogendosh? Sigh.

There are actually 6 search results for hapto pig
ogendosh – AND ONLY ONE IS MINE!

What Else?

I’m an Introvert. Overthinker.

Sharer of Micro-Epiphanies.

Minimalist. Embracer of Personal Weirdness.

Author of ‘How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World’.

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