About Michele Connolly

I could tell you about my career in the corporate sector but soon we would both be snoring softly, so instead I’ll get to the good part.

I left the high pay and low satisfaction (for me) of corporate life to complete a Bachelor of Psychology and a thesis on personality and happiness. Fascinating! I also became a qualified life coach and did some post-grad studies in business and professional writing. All of this involved a lot of wine and chocolate, obviously.

After facing the reality that I’m so not a people person and therefore would not be coaching or psychologising actual human people, I turned to building online forts. I founded GetOrganizedWizard.com, which became a popular site for decluttering and personal organisation. More recently I started LouderMinds.com, a website for introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a well planned way.

Now I write – sometimes here, sometimes for books. But the ideas that excite me most tend to appear on hot-pink sticky notes scribbled at 3am in tragically indecipherable scrawl. Hapto pig ogendosh? *sigh*

What else?

I am an introvert. Overthinker. Sharer of micro-epiphanies. Minimalist. Embracer of personal weirdness. Author of ‘How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate’.