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    3 Things I Learned While Watching The White Queen

    I consider myself something of an expert in 15th and 16th century English history. I’ve not only watched all four seasons of The Tudors, but also read both novels in Hilary Mantel‘s double-Man-Booker-award-winning Wolf Hall (eventual) trilogy. Most recently…

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    The Art Of TV Watching

    Craig and I have been together a long time, nearly *mumbles* years. What keeps us together is love, respect, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that no one else would be up to the same place with…

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    If Only Life Were Like TV

    Annoying people… Would simply disappear, no questions asked, no explanation needed. Like Mandy in The West Wing. No matter how dire things became… You’d face them in a divine outfit, with the perfect little handbag.…