Keeping Away From The Cardassians

Remember before Kardashians, when there were Cardassians?

And there were entire quadrants of the galaxy where you could wander happily, totally avoiding them?

And you could boldly go online, or read a magazine, without having to learn they had gotten fat, or gotten thin, or released a new handbag collection?

Good times.


No I have NOT had work done. It’s just meditation and kale smoothies. Image source:

Star Trek description of Cardassians:

  • Humanoid in appearance, marked by several bony protrusions and ridges
  • Predatory in large numbers, more cautious alone
  • Instinctively searching out a dominant position in any social setting
  • Children may keep pets
  • Women as well as men are allowed to be Gul [a high rank] in ship command
  • Believed to be responsible for 98.9% of the known universe’s selfies.

Okay I may have made up that last one.

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