• Louder Minds

    I’m Over Yonder Now

    Hi there! I’m writing over at my new website Louder Minds now. It’s a place for introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a  well planned way. Come join us! No hugs, woohoos, or…

  • TV

    3 Things I Learned While Watching The White Queen

    I consider myself something of an expert in 15th and 16th century English history. I’ve not only watched all four seasons of The Tudors, but also read both novels in Hilary Mantel‘s double-Man-Booker-award-winning Wolf Hall (eventual) trilogy. Most recently…

  • Notes

    How To Internet: A 5-Step Instruction Manual

    Using The Internet and Social Medias can at first seem overwhelming. There are many traps for the web novice. But you needn’t feel intimidated. With these handy tips you too can Internet like a pro. 1. Change…

  • Queen's Coffee

    If I Were Queen Of The World

    If I were Queen of the world… I would designate an island (short-term) / planet (long-term) to which people would be exiled for certain atrocities. First onto the plane / spaceship would be: People who…

  • Notes

    Keeping Away From The Cardassians

    Remember before Kardashians, when there were Cardassians? And there were entire quadrants of the galaxy where you could wander happily, totally avoiding them? And you could boldly go online, or read a magazine, without having to learn they had gotten fat, or gotten…

  • How To Be A Woman - Asking
    How To Be A Woman

    How To Be A Woman: Asking

    Being a woman is hard. In this series we’ll master the challenges and learn the tricks to getting it right. Um, that’s only if it’s OK with you of course. Today, we’ll learn how to ask…

  • Lay, Lady, Lay

    Why Is Bob Dylan Serenading A Hen Called Lady?

    Lay, lady, lay; lay across my big brass bed So begins the classic Bob Dylan song. What is going on here? Surely I’m not the only one baffled by these mysterious lyrics, curious about this intriguing relationship?…

  • Antoinettes Yoga Garden

    Zen Resolutions I’ve Failed At

    Recently while in the throes of a brief I’m-gonna-eat-healthier hallucination I bought celery. Almost immediately I regretted it. For one thing, it didn’t fit in my crisper, instead needing an entire shelf that rightfully belonged to…

  • Nothing on TV
    Notes TV

    The Art Of TV Watching

    Craig and I have been together a long time, nearly *mumbles* years. What keeps us together is love, respect, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that no one else would be up to the same place with…

  • Grizzly just wants to sleep

    I Cannot Deny It: Bjorn Is Inside Me

    From next week I’m taking a few weeks off from the gym. There are several reasons. One reason is lingering ankle weakness due to a PRI. I sustained the PRI (pizza-related injury) one night while carrying home two pizzas. Foolishly…