Things I've Made

I’ve always enjoyed distilling and sharing things I learn. These are the books and programs I’ve created over the years. The most recent is at the top.

  • A Chic Year: 52 Style, Simplicity, & Self-Care Projects For Creating A Chic Life

    I always knew inside there was a chic me, someone with confidence, elegance, grace, and poise. With an organized and uncluttered home. A polished sense of dress. A woman who was comfortable in her skin, who had that je ne sais quoi…

    A Chic Year comprises 52 projects that cover the three key elements of a chic life – style, simplicity, and self-care. Everything from capsule closets to personal look books, from decluttering to organized routines, from perfectionism to forgiveness. Including 187 gorgeous, printable pages of step-by-step guidance, planners, worksheets, journals, and trackers. Everything you need for your chic life, starting now!

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  • My Introvert Store

    Small indulgences that celebrate the introvert spirit and relish our delightful take on the world.
    • Notebooks, planners, mugs, and device cases
    • Home decor, including cushions and clocks
    • T-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags
  • How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World [Paperback & eBook]

    B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree | FINALIST Eric Hoffer Book Awards | FINALIST Wishing Shelf Book Awards

    Do you long for alone time? Feel pressured by social demands? Wear an extrovert mask to get through life? Then this is for you. It’s a guidebook for introverts – full of strategies, stories, humor, inspiration, and psychological insights into the introvert life.

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  • How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate [Audiobook]

    The Anti-Diet, Anti-Fad, Anti-Misery Guide to Losing Weight for Life
    • How to eat what you love and leave the rest
    • How to exercise in a way that doesn’t destroy your will to live
    • How to manage your mindset to look and feel your best
    • A short and sweet guide
  • Get Organized Wizard

    Online programs and tools for decluttering, simplifying, and getting organized.
    • Life and Goal Organizer
    • 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge
    • 7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home
    • 14 Days To An Organized Closet
    • Plus many more
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What is happiness, if not the development of our abilities.

— Germaine de Staël