A Brief History Of Moi

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  • Childhood

    Even from my first day at school, you can see the seeds of my charmingly neurotic personality. Here began a lifetime of over-analyzing, second-guessing, and missing what the teacher said because I was thinking about lunch.

    I have so many questions. Who should I ask about my questions? #meta
  • Just Like Audrey

    In the greatest showbiz travesty since Audrey Hepburn was overdubbed in My Fair Lady, I was cast as Mary in my primary school Nativity play but required to mime the lyrics of My Soul Magnifies the Lord. I felt like a biblical, less stripey Marcel Marceau.

    Decades later my singing skills remain in the category of cats screeching (generous) but my lip-syncing is truly world class. Just quietly, the liturgical dancing is still on point, too.

    My artistic sensibility may never recover from this wound.
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  • Corporate Snooze

    I could tell you about my career in the corporate sector, but soon we would both be snoring softly. (I was once tapped on the shoulder during a microeconomics exam because I’d fallen asleep. No, I hadn’t been up all night studying; it was an exam about microeconomics.) So let’s get to the good part.

    Do corporate misfits dream of screaming lambs?
  • Psychology, Personality, Happiness

    I left the high pay and low satisfaction (for me) of corporate life to complete a Bachelor of Psychology and a thesis on personality and happiness. Fascinating! I also became a qualified life coach and did some post-grad studies in business and professional writing as a way of avoiding actually running a business and doing the writing. All of this involved a lot of wine and chocolate, obviously.

    With that title (see pic) how did my thesis not become a runaway Harry Potter-type bestseller?
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  • Not A People Person

    After facing the reality that I’m not a people person and therefore would not be happy coaching or psychologising actual humans, I turned to building online forts. I founded GetOrganizedWizard.com, which became a popular site for decluttering and personal organization and LouderMinds.com, a website for introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a well-planned way. More recently I started AChicLife.com, about style, simplicity and self-care.

    You can read about my websites here.

    I might start a conjunctivitis blog with the tagline ‘A site for sore eyes’. No? I’ll see myself out.
  • Books & Programs

    I’ve written books about two of my greatest challenges. About the existential angst of wanting to look my best when chocolate eclairs exist and need to be enjoyed with pleasure, in How To Be Thin In A World Of Chocolate. And about the struggle of feeling ‘all peopled out’ much of the time, in my award-winning book How To Be An Introvert in An Extrovert World. I’ve also created programs on being chic, closet organization, getting organized, home decluttering, and simplifying your life.

    You can read about my books and programs here.

    What should go here? Quick – think of something witty.
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  • A Creative Life

    My major focus now is writing for A Chic Life, plus other creative projects, which I’ll share here. Sadly for my many ones of readers, there will be poems. And visual art not unlike the pieces your children bring home, though with fewer Vegemite stains. Hopefully. Life is short, and I’ve spent much of mine so far doing what I thought I should – now I want to explore, and be more myself. I sincerely thank you for joining me!

    To stay in touch, follow me on Instagram or sign up here.

    In the immortal words of Fall Out Boy, ‘Are you ready for another bad poem?’