My Websites

These are the websites I’ve started over many years – plus there were a few others I lost interest in. I currently write for A Chic Life.

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    A Chic Life

    I write here about living a chic life – which to me means conscious choice and not convention, less but better quality, doing more of what matters and less of the rest, handling life’s ups and downs with grace, elegance, and style, and enjoying life’s pleasures. Visit A Chic Life

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    Louder Minds

    My Louder Minds blog and Facebook community have helped tens of thousands of introverts around the world to embrace their introvert personalities, celebrate their strengths, and enjoy their pleasures – though quietly, and in a well-planned way. Visit Louder Minds

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    Get Organized Wizard

    This blog was about simplifying, decluttering, and organizing. I ran one of the first online ‘challenges’ – the first I’d heard of – and it became wildly popular. Others now write the blog, but the courses are all mine – and I’m still really proud of them. Visit Get Organized Wizard

Do not fear mistakes – there are none.

— Miles Davis