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    Some People Are So Rude

    You know when someone ignores your text? And it’s an urgent text? And you get all cranky and riled up? And you start to think of how that person annoys you? And things you’ve…

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    Icy Reception

    Today’s SMH Superquiz has an error. Q11: What currency is used in Iceland? A (incorrect): Krona. A (correct): Cold hard cash. Bahahahahahahahahahaha! I’ll see myself out. ?   Image: The lake at Vatnajökull, Iceland by Tristan Ferne under CC…

  • little match girl

    Other Side

    Since moving to The Other Side of the studio I’m finding it so hard to tune out gym antics in the mirror! Bodybuilders watching and discussing us between sets. Equipment being used in original…

  • Rotary phone


    Don’t do this very often but tonight I’m hosting a little dinner party. For those of you about to text me out of concern for my guests’ welfare and enquire tactfully what I’m making,…

  • chocolate fondant

    I Had One Job

    When you are left in charge of picking the restaurant for a girls’ night out and your choice is based on chatting with the chef about how he prepares the hot chocolate fondant (runny…

  • belted sweater

    Bring Back The Belted Sweater

    Dear friends. These 28 ads are definitely the best thing you will see all day. Nay, all week. 28 Hilarious 1970s Men’s Fashion Ads Clearly we need to bring back the belted sweater. The 4-piece…

  • Activated fries with that?

    Activated Fries With That?

    Lunch: Organic free-range brioche, kale-fed beef burger, activated potato fries. I did ask for it to be served on a board or even a log, but they were kinda rude about it. Would’ve thrown…

  • Castle Double Black

    A Song Of Coffee And Scotch

    My niece and nephew gave me this tiny Tyrion. He enjoys defending various locations in Westeros against pesky Baratheons, dragon-mothering, storm-born upstarts, and miscellaneous other villains. Here you can see him taking his sentry duties very…