How to Be Thin in a World of
Chocolate – the Secret is Out!

A great little read! It’s all about making changes that are doable while still being able to enjoy life and this book is exactly that!’

Kate Waterhouse, journalist, media personality, television presenter,
radio talent and ‘Date with Kate’ columnist

‘A fun easy gorgeous book that has all the right messages – you’ll love reading it! Plus something I truly believe in – small changes you can live with.’

Catherine Saxelby, dietitian, nutritionist and founder of

‘A great resource full of nutrition, exercise and mindset tips. The combination of realistic lifestyle changes and quirky sense of humour make it an enjoyable and informative book for those wanting to achieve weight loss goals and keep the foods they love.’

Michael Redfern, PT and Exercise Physiologist

What if you could have your chocolate – and look and feel great too?

How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate contains 56 anti-fad, anti-diet, anti-misery strategies for losing weight without losing your mind.

Michele draws on her Bachelor of Psychology, research into why diets fail, and years of experimenting with her own diet, exercise, and mindset as though she were both scientist and guinea pig – after all, what could be cuter than a small rodent in a white lab coat?

3 Ways This Book Is Different

1. Weight issues are serious and difficult enough, But this book is funny, cute, with charming illustrations, and without padding (#boomtish). People will enjoy reading it.

2. In a world of rising obesity and failed initiatives using old ideas of miserable diets and unpleasant exercise, this book offers a refreshing and achievable approach. It contains genuine hacks for looking and feeling great that don’t rely on willpower or large reserves of discipline. And perhaps most importantly…

3. Chocolate!

Available in Australian stores and online from 1 November 2017.

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