• Your Call Is Important To Us

    Your call is important to us. As proof, please enjoy being put on hold for a prolonged period. We are stealing your time in order to employ fewer staff and… Read More

  • My Highs And Lows Of 2017 And Goals For 2018

    In psychology there’s this idea that some babies have a ‘slow to warm up’ temperament. These little ones are tentative about new people and situations. I picture their small faces… Read More

  • 5 Science-Based Hacks To Diet Goals You’ll Stick To

    If you want to lose a few kilos then what’s the best approach? Should you give up carbs? Sugar? Gluten? Dairy? Well, you could try giving up any one of… Read More

  • Some Of My Favourite Strategies For Being Thin In A World Of Chocolate

    Here’s a short video of my favourite strategies for staying thin in a world of chocolate, cheese, pizza, red wine… Though to be honest I use them all! All 56… Read More

  • 6 Tips For Surviving Christmas Guilt-Free

    There’s plenty of guilt associated with Christmas. Guilt for the comment about cousin Bob’s festive sweater. Guilt for snapping at the super slow sales assistant. Guilt for saying the gingerbread… Read More

  • Being Your Best Self As Reader Or Writer

    This year’s Booker prize has been won by George Saunders for his first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo. Yep I did say first novel. Yep that is a jealous sigh. My mum… Read More

  • The Willpower Myth: Why I Wrote An Anti-Diet Book

    The question I get asked more than any other, both by friends and strangers, is Could you please stop singing? Rude! The question I get asked second-most often is How… Read More

  • The Best Thing You Can Do To Support An Author

    Getting a book published is a thrilling achievement. I did an extended happy dance that went on longer than it should have and caused some weird thing to start clicking… Read More

  • Places I Get Awesome Ideas

    Places I get awesome ideas: In the shower During a manicure While doing a combat class In the middle of a long story someone is telling me Mid Pap smear.… Read More

  • How To Be A Woman: Asking

    Being a woman is hard. But if we try we can master the challenges and learn the tricks to getting it right. Um, that’s only if it’s OK with you of… Read More


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