Proof My Brain Is Trying To Give Me An Aneurysm In My Sleep

Last night I dreamed I was struggling to learn my lines for a Shakespearean play. I can’t identify the work as it seems I was playing Mary, mother of Jesus. (Twelfth Silent Night?)

It was 7pm, and the play was to start at 7.30. I remembered I had not yet been fitted for my costume. As I waited outside the costume department, I noticed my ex-boyfriend, with whom I was very much in love in the dream. He was kissing another girl. My heart imploded. The costume people arrived and four of them carried me (why?) to the fitting area, but I was so heavy one of them simply collapsed under my weight. 

Suddenly I realized I’d lost a large, laminated, menu-style card on which part of the script was printed and which needed to be shared among all cast members. I think there were also poorly composed photos of meals on there. Desperate, I rushed to the Office of the President (of Australia, I believe), with whom I had a scene. People nearby were deeply impressed I had this kind of access.

After thoroughly ransacking his office (and probably strewing countless state documents and classified files), I located the card. I was so relieved. I looked up, only to see a ballroom dancing party taking place outside the window. (I used to be a ballroom dancer – it’s one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever done). 

There, in the cheerily lit hall, was my ex-boyfriend. Dancing happily with the girl. 

Brain, what in the world?!

Photo by Lisa Fotios.

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