Nary A Mary

I had my third singing lesson today. After I sang the Tori Amos track my teacher said, Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. 


Turns out though she got teary because I made her FEEL THE LYRICS, plus there’s much improvement each week. Which is really a compliment for Tori’s songwriting and her teaching so at this point I’m wondering if I even need to be there. 

I have to pick another Tori to start next week and I’m thinking Barons of Suburbia or anything from The Beekeeper. That whole album is perfect to scream-sing if you fear the neighbors are getting over-friendly and might choose to JUST DROP BY. 

For the musical theatre she has selected I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar. Not sure how I feel about vocally portraying a former sex worker, given my stunning performance as the righteous OTHER Mary in my sellout* Year 6 nativity play. But I guess every artist must evolve. 

*DISCLAIMER: I say sellout but no actual tickets got sold, as the parents were basically forced to attend. Still, FULL HOUSE. 

PS For those of you who doubt my being cast in a pious role like Mary, RUDE! Also, fair. So, here’s photographic evidence. Sadly, it was a harbinger of my future maternal shortcomings. You can see poor Joseph thinking, ‘She is DEFINITELY going to drop Baby Jesus again. Thank god they made her switch to a doll.’

Michele as Mary

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