My poem, Forever, was an exercise in metre, end rhyme, internal rhyme, and assonance for my poetry class. I received this feedback: ‘despite some excellent lines, and great technical skill, it is unlikely a poem like this would be published today, as both the syntax and the form is very 19th century’.

This is so helpful! I never realized it before but when I think poetry, I think 19th century. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve neither read not written poetry since high school, and am currently obsessed with Dickinson.

Next challenge: to jump forward two centuries in my style…


‘I’ll love you till the tick of time stands still,
Until the flowers have no more hours to bloom,
Til sun turns glum and ill, and starts to chill
It’s you with whom I’ll share that final gloom.

‘I’ll stay each day I may, while breath allows it,
Until expanding galaxies condense,
Forever bowed by love I’ll be’, she vows, but
Her heart feels only in the present tense.
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