EDIT: Guys, I have done a TERRIBLE job of telling this story. I meant to amuse you. This only happened because I knew I was going to faint and STILL TRIED TO TIDY MY DESK FIRST. So dumb. I thought you guys would laugh. Please know I’m fine! My GP (who I was seeing anyway) weighed me and took my BP and was happy with everything. 💕

Tomorrow I’m having a drink with my friend Paul, whom I’ve not seen in more than 30 years. I had hoped his first thought on seeing me would not be, Wow she took up cage fighting. But as I have both a black eye and a fat lip this now seems likely. 

Did I sustain these injuries on one of my walks? Was I mauled by a jealous Rottweiler while talking to his cute puppy friend? Did a street brawl break out after I inadvertently sang saucy lyrics passing someone’s boyfriend? Did the dance-walking simply become too violent? 

In fact, I was sitting at my desk having the thought: I feel super super faint SO I’LL JUST TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO CLOSE DOWN ALL MY APPS AND TIDY MY DESK before I go lie dow—. I promptly lost consciousness and woke up on the way down when I smacked into the desk edge with my face. 😔

Why did I faint? Well I do FEEL faint pretty often, as people are forever talking about things requiring OINTMENT, and putting gross surgery scenes in TV shows. But last night I was just out of the shower and maybe a bit lightheaded, and I hadn’t eaten as much as usual, and *busted lip quivers* it had been a very emotional day. 

Paul used to be a cop so he may doubt my story, finding it no more believable but considerably more entertaining than ‘I walked into a door’. But I suspect he’ll take a long look at me, order more wine, and laugh his head off. 😕

PS I am totally fine! 

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski.

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