The Bud of Mended Bones

I wrote this poem for my husband when one of his mentors, HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan, suffered a snowmobile accident.

The Bud of Mended Bones

Oh Snowmobile! Hath done thy worst
With broken bones left Brian accurs'd
Thus away, to heal for him

Yet all's not lost, here in his stead
Rise others to assume the head
Of HubSpot for the interim

Well prep'd by him for just such need
To take rein of this orange-hued steed
And ride on while he rests
Such high regard in which he's held
One hundred thousand, numbers swelled 
To his leadership attests
And if he yet bleeds orange blood
'Twill not be long before the bud
Of mended bones doth bloom
Until that blossom hath her time
We offer up our humble rhyme 
To hasten her perfume
And so as Brian's bones do set
His ears attuned to Grateful Dead
Whilst strumming 'that' guitar
Down Under’s HubShots, Craig and Ian, 
Send forth this Halliganian paean
'Til lingers but a scar 

Photo by Gilberto Olimpio

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