My 5 All-Time Favorite Music Videos

I love lists, and as it’s been a while since I wrote here, today I feel like sharing a quick list of my 5 favorite music videos. These aren’t in any order.

1. Digging In The Dirt, Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel always invested in technology – I remember playing his CD Rom on my desktop PC – and many of his videos were ahead of their time, and massively expensive.

I love the cool stop-motion of this video, pretty out-there for 1992, and radically featuring neither Wallace nor Gromit.

But I most love the way Peter talks about excavating the pain of his past, and through that process, finding peace. That word revealed when flowers finally re-grow over the painful, dug-up stuff – that always chokes me up.

2. No Rain, Blind Melon

A great song. And yeah, wouldn’t we all like to keep our cheeks dry today.

That little bumblebee girl, though! She is me. She is every one of us who has felt odd, weird, different, like we don’t really belong. Maybe she’s you (I won’t tell).

The way she dances – the freedom, the joy! Regardless of the way people respond. She shows us how to live.

I’m not sure we’ll all find what she finds at the end. But I am absolutely sure we should keep on dancing no matter what, and keep on searching.

3. Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush

I recently bought the novel of Wuthering Heights, which I’ve never read, but I can’t bring myself to start reading. A tortured, repressed guy and a mischievous, passionate girl – gee, what could go wrong.

I’ve been listening to Kate’s mesmerizing song on repeat to get in the mood. I remember watching the film clip on Countdown and becoming besotted with both the song and the creature in the white dress. That voice, that dance! She is so captivating, so utterly herself. How could you not fall in love with her.

4. Another Chance, Roger Sanchez

This video is a gorgeous piece of storytelling that beautifully complements the song. A three-act play lasting under 5 minutes with no real dialogue and yet – it’s so rich, and so moving.

I also love the open, bittersweet ending. What do you think happens next?

5. Elton’s Song, Elton John

This has everything – a poignant melody, wrenching lyrics, a schoolboy crush that is both forbidden (gay love in 1981 – clutch the pearls!) and unrequited.

For those who care about such things it was directed by Russell Mulcahy. For those you don’t it was still directed by him, I can’t change that.

So how about you? What are your favorite music videos?

Tell me, do you like mine?

PS If you like this you might also like Five Songs That Changed My Life.

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