Walking In Winter

I am not a girl who enjoys the outdoors – or as I call it, ‘that space between the good places’ – and I’m pretty much always cold. So getting myself out for a walk in winter is like trying not to finish the Tim Tams once the packet is open.

As with most things, for me the key is ATTIRE. This jacket is snuggly, with a detachable panel for chestal warmth, plus a hood for when I wish to look menacing (surprisingly often). My flip-top fingerless glove/mittens let me flip down to unlock my phone and squint at the message I can’t read without glasses (something something order more wine, right?), then flip back up to prevent fingertip frostbite.

BONUS: Can make covert rude gestures at people screaming at their puppies when they try to jump on me.

My winter walking attire

For entertainment, sometimes I dance-walk to music (a HIGHLY UNDERRATED form of exercise – see instructions to learn how), sometimes I listen to audiobooks, sometimes I talk to myself aloud (I am QUITE the conversationalist).

I wish I could walk in the morning, but I’m too fond of myself for the cruel catapult from cosy bed to forbidding tundra*. I mean, I would put on clothes first (see above) but still, HARSH. So at this time of year I walk at around 3pm. It’s often the warmest part of the day, plus my brain needs a break after hours of grueling procrastination, plus I get cuddles from my puppy pals on their afternoon perambulations.

Anyway, I’d better go now. Apparently I need to order more wine. And Tim Tams.

*THIS IS A LIE: I live in metropolitan Sydney which is now largely tundra-free

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