Oh the apostrophe! Minuscule yet mighty.

I’ve worked in more than one job where the CEO regularly called me to check apostrophification (not a word, FYI). I’m not ashamed to say I was drunk with power. Or possibly just drunk, as my corporate life was unhappy and there were A LOT of work drinkies.

I enjoy being able to wield an apostrophe with confidence, but there’s no need for derision. A while ago I saw a writers’ centre owner publicly mocking people for apostrophe misuse. It seemed mean, so I stopped going to their classes. Also, I have enough scornful voices in my own head.

Right now I’m working on a new program – The 10-Day Chic Life Audit, for @a.chic.life. It contains worksheets for auditing and upgrading your life, and I’m including my own filled-in answers to inspire/horrify people.

On one of the days you list ‘Things You Do Well’, and I’ve included: use apostrophes! When you can boast neither domestic nor career nor athletic prowess, and your main talents are an encyclopedic knowledge of 80s lyrics and being able to pause shows to announce the brand of the designer bag onscreen to a companion who has zero interest, then you need to be generous in assessing your skills.

PS The book in my photo, ‘Fucking Apostrophes’ is a humorous and splenetic little tome by Simon Griffin, and was a gift.

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